Your exclusive guide!

United Music of Brussels: your exclusive guide!

Whether you’re the type to plan your weekend meticulously weeks in advance, or you step out of the front door late on a Saturday morning to sniff the air and wonder what the day ahead will bring, welcome to United Music of Brussels, a musical festival that stretches to every taste. Choose your menu à la carte, according to your taste and inspiration, to the pace of your weekend… and perhaps that of those angelic little cherubs by your side.

Check the full programme available here.

Here are some insider tips to help you decide.

Mad about opera and song? Once you leave the Mozart overture at La Monnaie, you’ll be spoiled for choice! At the Madeleine, the singers take their inspiration from a stage that evokes the music hall, while from the Galerie Bortier, sweet voices spill out, singing Renaissance arias and reciting poetry. Meanwhile, at the heart of the Fine Arts Centre, in a royal setting, Lisa and Thomas recite the sorry tales of the wives of Henry VIII. And in a hidden basement, eight young singers surround you and invite you to float into Rachmaninoff…

Obsessed with jazz? Then why not slip into one of the apartments above the Galeries Saint-Hubert for some Duke Ellington? Or perhaps this is the time to discover the magnificent Vaudeville Theatre for a programme of silent movies and musical improvisation with a taste of jazz, with Philippe Thuriot and his “chess players”? As you step out of the gallery, you might bump into Mâäk & KOJO a musical collective guaranteed to shake you up… And if you’re thirsty, head straight for Café 28, where classical musicians meet Tcha Limberger and his crazy gypsies!

All about blowing? Hidden away in the discrete church of the Madeleine, a wind ensemble is preparing to launch into Beethoven’s eighth – with a most compact clutch of musicians! At the same time, in the Galeries Saint-Hubert, the Brass Band of the Belgian National Orchestra is preparing to take your window shopping by surprise. And while you’re there, why not rediscover the Magic Flute in the company of Maaike Cafmeyer and her fellow oboists (in Dutch only)?

Stringing along? Try this out: stretch out on a yoga mat to the sounds of the violin and the cello, and dive into Castillo Interior, a magnificent work by Vasks. At the end of the day, head off to BOZAR for the final act, where soloist Lorenzo Gatto is joined by the strings of the national orchestra to recompose Max Richter just for you… or was that Vivaldi?
In love with the heritage of Brussels? From the Galeries Saint-Hubert to the Fine Arts Centre, from the Galerie Bortier to the church of the Madeleine… United Music invites you to re-explore the city while discovering musical worlds you can never have imagined!

Do you have young children? They’ll love the magical opening at La Monnaie! Join us from the very start of the adventure and dive into the theme of this edition. The singers at La Monnaie will dazzle you with a taste of their first opera of the season, The Magic Flute. The boisterous performance of Mâäk & KOJO, the joys of cinema at the Vaudeville theatre, the swing vibe at Café 28 should also delight both young and old… Or maybe you’d like to take a seat in the musicians’ chairs at the Belgian National Orchestra at Galerie Ravenstein, where a band of percussionists will make sure to get you going? Or open wide your eyes to take in the hip hop contortions of Greg Lox at the BOZAR Half Circus, driven by DJ Keso and a group of classical musicians?

Unusual concert venues, an experimental programme… United Music of Brussels echoes the 2018-2019 theme, “BOZAR breaks out!” With its nods to The Magic Flute, the next opera on the programme at La Monnaie, and to the music of Beethoven, all of whose symphonies will be performed in 2018-2019 by the Orchestre Symphonique de la Monnaie and the Belgian National Orchestra, this afternoon is also an opportunity to raise a corner of the curtain on the concerts that await you for this exciting new season…
So on your marks… get set… Explore!