About the project

Did you say “United Music of Brussels”? What exactly is that?

For the third time, the Belgian National Orchestra, La Monnaie and BOZAR join forces for an ambitious project, challenging the traditional concert approach to classical music. One of the driving forces of the project is a vision that consists in literally reaching out to the city and its inhabitants, by scheduling performances in places that are unexpected and preferably little-known, even to those born and bred in Brussels.

(c) Caroline Lessire

The project was born at a difficult time, immediately after the Brussels attacks of March 2016. The three partners were united in their desire to contribute to recreating a positive image of the city, including for its own inhabitants. The programme is therefore designed in such a way as to invite the public to stroll and to discover the city, following the music.

(c) Caroline Lessire

“United” in making connections at many levels, this is one of the main missions of the three organisers of the event. To meet is to open up the mind, and not only for the public, but also for the colleagues and the musicians,  invited to reflect on new approaches and new concert formats. The aim is to develop this vision of a sustainable relationship with local partners and artists in Brussels through acts of co-creation.